Hello everyone.

We're coming to inform you about a new game we're developing, called "Earth 2099". This is our first game, so we hope it makes progress and we need YOUR feedback about what all content we should add!

The game was built using Unity 5.6.

So far, we have...

- Procedural Generation (Infinite Worlds)

- Fixed Generation (Fixed map, made by developers)

- Fixed Gen2 (Fixed map, made by players) (NOT IN GAME, WILL ADD AT LATER UPDATE!)

- Multiplayer (Not in game yet, will add at later update!) (The "not in game" is not true anymore! We're releasing MP when the game releases it's self.)

- MP Dedicated Servers (Not in game yet, will come probably 8-10 updates after release!) (Please read the "Multiplayer" topic above MP dedicated servers for more info about this.)

- Character models for MP (In game, but awaiting MP update) (Same as the Multiplayer topic.)

That's all guys!

Please tell us what you think!


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